Wabash River in Indiana
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Five Crossings Park (Covington Public Access Site)


west end of Washington St.
Covington, Indiana

Managed by the Fountain County Parks Board, this access site has a paved boat ramp.

The park also has picnic areas, access to Trails, and a large dirt/gravel parking lot.

From the river, this access site is on the left bank about 1/4 mile downstream of the US 136 bridge, and a little upstream of a railroad bridge.

Some info sent in by a reader concerning water levels:
If the river is 4.5 or higher a small boat will have no problems between Covington & montazuma. If one has a larger boat like a 21’ pontoon with a 90 hp similar to the one my dad had you better know where the channel is when the level drops below 6’. There are a few creeks that are only accessible when the water is up. I posted a pic on flickr of one creek just north of my dads place that I visit when the river is 16 feet or higher. But I dont recommend that a novice boater attempt to navigate the river when its that high.




The I-74 bridge...

Somebody's nice, private picnic pavilion...

The SR 32 bridge...

Possibly a pay or private boat ramp on the right bank downstream of the SR 32 bridge at Perrysville...

Some friends met up with us to paddle...

In lower water we found a nice sandbar to camp on...

The SR 234 bridge...



Important: The river is constantly changing. Hazards like log jams and tree falls will come and go often, so always be ready for them. Even islands and riverbends come and go over time. Riffles and sandbars will appear and disappear based on water flow levels. Do not attempt boating on this or any river during high water. Please be safe, respectful and responsible on the river.
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